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Therapist Salaries: An Overview

Reviewed by Wendy Boring-Bray, DBH, LPC · May 20, 2021 ·

Providing therapy can be a gratifying occupation due to the fact you can make a difference in countless peoples’ lives while also making a great living for yourself. However, while there are similarities between the different types of therapists out there in how much they earn, there are also some differences as well, and this article will discuss the financial aspects of becoming a counselor or therapist.

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What Do Therapists Make On Average?

Therapy is a pretty broad area of employment, and this is reflected by the different types of licenses and specializations that professionals can focus on. 

For example, you have licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFT) or licensed professional clinical counselors (LPCC), which are two of the most popular types of licenses therapists get, but they have different focuses.

As you would expect, someone with an LMFT will generally help people with relationship concerns, especially in regards to their spouses or other family members, whereas an LPCC will most likely be helping people with mental health and behavioral issues, especially ones that people commonly face like depression, anxiety, and general stress.

Not all therapists earn the same wages, and various factors, including the type of license they have, their location and its population, and whether or not they practice part or full-time, can affect their income.

Nonetheless, according to Indeed.com, if you consider therapists collectively across the United States, the national average is nearly $70,000 per year or about $33 per hour. Of course, depending on where they are located, some can make around $50,000 annually, or even $100,000 and up.

However, location is starting to matter less and less with the invention of online therapy, and many professionals have been enjoying its benefits, which you will learn about next.

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What Is Online Therapy & How Does It Work?

As the name suggests, online therapy is a service that is carried out over the internet by connecting the client and clinician over their preferred devices. This contrasts with traditional means, where counseling and therapy are done in person at a physical location.

However, clients don’t have to miss out on the face-to-face interaction you’d normally get before, and services like BetterHelp help facilitate this and make the entire process very convenient for everyone, including the counselors and therapists - there is no need to rent a business location or have to commute to one.

That being said, different methods allow online therapy at BetterHelp to work. You have video chat, voice calling, and various means of texting, including a 24-hour chat room where you will be able to connect with your clients anytime and anywhere.

You will want to make sure you have all of these capabilities so that you can help your clients in their preferred methods of communication. In general, this means having a modern device (a computer is recommended) that can handle video and voice chatting and of course, a reliable and stable internet connection.

Your income isn’t only dictated by the number of clients you have, but rather, you’ll be paid based on how well you accommodate them, and this includes asynchronous messaging, which are longer email exchanges that are done between live sessions.

The most successful therapists on BetterHelp are always accepting new clients and giving them the best service possible, as this will help you keep building your caseload. By doing this people can earn several thousands of dollars monthly, which can add up to be significantly greater than the national average. Click here to get an estimation and apply today.


If you’re interested in starting your online therapy business with BetterHelp, it all starts with an application. Licensed therapists are enjoying the many benefits of being able to work from home, and with thousands of people signing up every day, you can also be a part of something great.

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